Colour & Cassette Tapes!

I’ve recorded a whole bunch of music over the past year and a half, and some EPs have just been released as strictly limited physical releases thanks to Cow Tongue Taco Records.

I’ve finished painting each individual tape and case, and I think they’re looking pretty neat…

First up, Magnificent Bastard.


Originally planned to be 10 copies of Play Some Rap Music, it’s now being released as a double EP with the Under Blue Moon gracing Side B, complete with a remix courtesy of Unexpected Bowtie.

Side A – Play Some Rap Music EP
Smile, You Fuck
No Future

Side B – Under Blue Moon EP
Winter Time Boxed Wine
Jesus Christ Clickbait Superstar
Fists with Your Toes
Smile, You Fuck (Unexpected Bowtie remix)

If visuals are your thing, then here’s some videos I made for a handful of the tracks…

Next up, cuhto & kupo.

I spent a little while revisiting my love for ambient and drone music earlier this year and created some new sounds as cuhto, then ended up doing a split EP with my friend kupo.

The split EP features two twenty minute tracks composed from a single four bar guitar loop we both jammed in the early hours.

Side A – cuhto
an inconvenient lie / waiting to exhale
a little reflection

Side B – kupo
CrRd_1 – sane breeze
CrRd_2 – maintain warhouse

cuhto tape

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