A Walk to Dawsholm Park

Last night, after a relatively heavy conversation with a friend I loaded up my iPod with a playlist and just got gone. I covered a fair few miles pretty quickly – cleared my head, compartmentalised some thoughts, got back home, and just lazed about before finally going to bed.

I woke up this morning feeling much better. Fresh air and talking, eh. Who knew.

Amy actually headed through to Glasgow this morning to join Jeffels, Omar, and myself on one of our photowalks. And this time Omar brought along Rebecca (who I took a whole bunch of portraits of), who also happens to be a damn fine photographer in her own right. Rad.

Goon squad, set.

Walk to Dawsholm Park in Glasgow by Photographer Lee Jones

We headed to the park. Daisy chains were made. Swings were swung on. Camera gear was shared around. And we made some new dog pals.

Dawsholm Park-2Dawsholm Park-10Dawsholm Park-12Dawsholm Park-14Dawsholm Park-15

Jazz & Kitty have been due to come up to Glasgow for a while now, and yesterday is when I was expecting them. However, some things came up and they were instead due to land today.

Kitty couldn’t make it in the end, but Jazz trecked up as she does on an array of buses, trains, and strangers cars…

All singing, all dancing. Girls got swag.

Dawsholm Park-20Dawsholm Park-19

I took my 50mm 1.7 out again today as I’m currently in love with the knackered old thing, and I actually used it pretty heavily today so I think some of my photos have a different feel and I think it’s a good thing?

This is Rebecca.

Dawsholm Park-29

We made our way towards Dawsholm Park. I’d never been before, and I took a glimpse at a route on Google maps and committed it to memory.

Some dared doubt my ability to remember such details.

I proved them wrong.

Dawsholm Park-28Dawsholm Park-32

This is Amy, straight outta Snapchat.

Dawsholm Park-33

And this is Jazz, straight outta the bush.

Dawsholm Park-34

After being really into seeing the photos Jeffels and Omar took on our walk last week, I’m really looking forward to seeing the day from the perspectives of Rebecca and Amy.

Amy was shooting film on her lovely wee Minolta, and I’m such a shit with gear that I’m not sure what Rebecca was shooting… though I’m fairly sure it was mostly a Canon.

Dawsholm Park-37

I grabbed a couple more portraits because why not.

Dawsholm Park-39Dawsholm Park-41Dawsholm Park-42Dawsholm Park-43Dawsholm Park-44

It wasn’t long before we found some cool looking sheds.

Dawsholm Park-46

Jazz took straight to it.

Dawsholm Park-48

Naked in a second. This girls confidence and ‘just do it’ attitude makes shooting effortless. She’s staying for a week and we’ve got a bunch of cool ideas for shoots lined up so I dare say this won’t be the last time she gets naked this week.

Dawsholm Park-52Dawsholm Park-53Dawsholm Park-55Dawsholm Park-56Dawsholm Park-57Dawsholm Park-60

After my solid navigational skills, we made it to Dawsholm Park.

This is Amy, straight outta the 70’s.

Dawsholm Park-63

There’s a lot of portraits of Rebecca and I feel like every time I saw some nice light I got her to stand in front of me. I don’t feel the least bit bad about it though…

Dawsholm Park-68

Trees everywhere.

Amy content in climbing on anything in sight.

Dawsholm Park-71Dawsholm Park-73Dawsholm Park-75

And Jazz content in just being free.

Dawsholm Park-76

“We’re coming out on Facebook, we need some couple photos”.

Dawsholm Park-79Dawsholm Park-81Dawsholm Park-83

We pissed about in the park for a while longer and after a bit of climbing and some more nudes and bumping into more dogs, we eventually made it to somewhere we could stop and eat.

Dawsholm Park-84Dawsholm Park-85Dawsholm Park-86Dawsholm Park-89Dawsholm Park-91

Vegan gains.

Dawsholm Park-93Dawsholm Park-95DSCF9003DSCF9010Dawsholm Park-96

Swear to God, every time the light fell good we took photos. Beautiful.

Dawsholm Park-97Dawsholm Park-99Dawsholm Park-101Dawsholm Park-105Dawsholm Park-107Dawsholm Park-109Dawsholm Park-110

Amy took the train back to Edinburgh, and Omar and Rebecca headed back too.

When we arrived at the flat, I decided to make use of the lift.

For reasons unknown our uptight neighbours hate us, and I suppose if they saw us shooting in the elevator it’d rile them up in some dumb way like we’re some disgusting sub-human scum or something.

So hey, neighbours – If you’ve somehow figured out who I am and know about my blogs and shit and are reading this. Lighten up. Don’t die bitter and boring.

Dawsholm Park-113Dawsholm Park-114Dawsholm Park-115

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If you dug these photos, I posted another 61 from the day featuring more portraits and more nudity over on my B-Sides Blog which can be accessed for $7.50 via my Patreon Page. If you check it out there’s also other rewards like having photo-prints and Instax delivered to your door each month. All funds directly help me complete projects and keep shooting photos.

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4 thoughts on “A Walk to Dawsholm Park

  1. Nice. These two in particular:

  2. Really Great Pictures. Love watching Black and White Photographs. As an photographer i can understand how much important is to capture pictures creatively specially black and white. Even i am a photographer but not that much good as you are. Have a look at my work at http://www.nitinkhanna.net/ and let me know how you find it. I would love to Hear from Photographer Like you.

  3. Jennifer Donn May 18, 2017 — 7:15 pm

    Some of these portraits are really beautiful. The one of Amy and the dandelion is peachy.

    1. Hi Jenn! That’s real kind of you, thanks 🙂 Hope yer adventure in the states is going well!

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