Sunday: To the Necropolis, Hogganfield Park, and back.

Fourteen miles. Fourteen fucking miles.

I half expected that after my month of shooting with ACROS that I’d change it up a bit, but after toying with the idea today before heading out for a walk I couldn’t commit to anything else. I’m seriously in love with it. So here you have it, even more black and white…

Since making a conscious effort to get out more lately, I’m feeling way too familiar with the Dumbarton Rd – Sauchiehall St. stretch, and most of the time for photos it doesn’t get a look in. I think I’m just fed up of walking up and down it. So the photos didn’t start until we we pushed through the centre of town, making a proper start at City of Glasgow College.

It’s not often I take portrait photos, but here’s a couple to start with.

Glasgow East-6Glasgow East-11Glasgow East-8

Coming up to living in Glasgow for a year and a half, and realised I still hadn’t checked out the Necropolis. Today was the day to smash that.

Glasgow East-17

In fact, it’s been good getting out more lately and exploring places I aren’t already familiar with. I’m getting more of an idea of where exactly to take Amber when she flies over from LA in just over a month (Amber, if you’re reading this then we’ll be doing a whole bunch of walking but we’ll offset that with plenty of drinking, I promise.)

Glasgow East-18

Jeffel’s brought out my D610, a camera that I (stupidly) now give not a toss about since buying the X-Pro2. You should keep an eye on his instagram, as he’s taken some fucking excellent photos today which I’m sure will end up being uploaded over the coming days.

I’m trying to get him to start a blog, but he’s not into it.

Add him and get him telt.

Glasgow East-20

Check out the Charles Tennant monument. Swear he looked pished.

Glasgow East-22

We headed around the Necropolis for a bit, sat under a tree and drank some juice. Took in the view. Got gone. We headed onwards to the Tennants brewery, and up Duke Street and ventured to Alexandra Park.

Glasgow East-24

Glasgow East-28Glasgow East-29Glasgow East-30Glasgow East-32Glasgow East-37Glasgow East-42

It dawned on me that Jeffels was still yet to have his first taste of Bucky (“A drink with almost supernatural powers of destruction” – The Guardian). I found a wee off license and bagged a bottle of the infamous tonic wine. In the park, on a bench overlooking the pond, the Bucky went down a treat. A fine day for it.

Glasgow East-46

We ventured further up Cumbernauld Road and headed to Hogganfield Park, greeted by a load of Swans on the Loch. The park eventually merges into the Seven Lochs Wetlands Park which is huge. Figuring that’d make a suitable photo adventure for another day, we headed back.

Glasgow East-55Glasgow East-58

On the way home, it became apparent as to just how unused to these distances we were.

The route we were walking back had been closed off, which meant for some climbing over some fences. Normally it wouldn’t have been much of a challenge, but when yer knackered you can really feel it.

Glasgow East-61

The police didn’t look mad keen seeing us emerge from the site.

Glasgow East-65Glasgow East-66Glasgow East-71Glasgow East-73

The last mile home was fucking agony and I couldn’t be arsed taking any more photos – I should probably invest in some actual walking boots, or at the very least walking shoes…

I filmed a bunch of stuff, and took a hell of a lot more photos so I will probably put a vlog on my YouTube channel in a day or so. Go subscribe and keep ’em peeled.

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