TUESDAY: 35mm Fail.

As you may have noticed, last week I started blogging a whole bunch more and even started vlogging which feels weird, and if I’m honest I can’t imagine getting wholly used to that sort of thing but I will continue anyway since Jeffels is pushing me to do it.

Shooting Fuji-Xpro2 with ACROS Film Simulation in Glasgow by Photographer Lee Jones

The biscuit factory I tried to get into last week ended up getting completely demolished so that plan tanked, and because I ended up busy with a bunch of other projects I mostly stayed in the flat from Thursday – I still got shit done though, and the week culminated with me releasing Under Blue Moon (a new EP from Magnificent Bastard), and to top it off I also received news that Amber is flying over from LA to stay in Glasgow with me in June. Pretty fucking neat.

Today I continued where I left off last week, and got out of the house and walked a bunch of miles and turned it into a little photo mission with Jeffels.


We’ve been meaning to get out and just shoot 35mm for a little project we’ve come up with that we’re not going to talk about here right now, but I will just say that my camera failed which made my walk out today a bit rubbish from that side of things.


I was trying to vlog what we were doing, and because my iPhone camera died the other day it meant I was filming on my X-Pro2 (which feels massively unnecessary) but the good thing with that was that I could still take photos. So I guess it turned into a vlog like my others.


I won’t post too many of the photos, so if you want to check out more watch the vlog below.


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