Wednesday: “and it’s all falling to bits!”

Third day in a row of sun in Glasgow. Insane.

Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-1

Wednesday doesn’t get a vlog, the day took an unexpected hit in that I had to get the screen repaired on my iPhone before the warranty expired because I leave everything until the last minute, and that managed to take three hours – so instead I met Emma with Jeffels for a coffee and we just hung out and walked around the centre.

All wasn’t lost though, I managed to take 30 or so photographs for a new photo book (that I am keeping quiet about for the time being) but what I can say is that I am currently looking at getting published somewhere down the line. The meetings I’m currently attending are filling me with optimism, which actually makes me uncomfortable but I might as well try and embrace it for the time being if it’s gonna help me get off my arse.

Besides, if all goes tits up I can always look at self-publishing.

Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-2

I love the architecture in Glasgow, so much so that I don’t mind happily gawping at what are usually dull high street shops.

Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-4

I also got to snoop around the Britannia Panopticon Music Hall which is rad. I really wanna do a gig in there.

Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-6

The following is a selection of photos from the People’s Palace & Winter Gardens before heading back into the city to collect my bastard phone.

What I’m liking about making sure I get out every day is that even when my head turns to mush, I’m still functioning – I got hit a few times today with some intense personal sadness and unease due to relatively recent events, but rode it out. This shit’s alright.

Just transition.

Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-8Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-9Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-11Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-10Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-12Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-13Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-14Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-15Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-16Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-17Jeffels & Emma, Glasgow Centre-19

This weeks mile count: 21.2

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