Tuesday: Ritual Murder

Continuing on from yesterday, I decided to get out of the flat again to stack up some miles and take a bunch of photos.

I’d watched my pal Omar’s vlog from an abandoned factory in the city in the Kinning Park area the other day and decided it would be a good place to go and scope out. It was a few miles walk away from the flat, which was immediately perfect.

I was gearing up to head on my own, but then my flatmate Jeffels surfaced from his pit earlier than usual so we got gone together with a camera each.

fujifilm x-pro2 test shooting jpeg only with black and white acros film simulation by glasgow photographer lee jones

After we crossed the Clyde and approached from Govan Road, we took some photos from the outside and besides from a few work trucks dotted around, the site looked empty.

We wandered around to make sure while looking for a more suitable and less obvious entrance than the front gate. As we started to make our way in, it became evident that we’d shown up during the workmen’s lunch break as they all came back to the site to continue demolishing the place.

fujifilm x-pro2 test shooting jpeg only with black and white acros film simulation by glasgow photographer lee jonesGray Dunn Biscuit Factory-3Gray Dunn Biscuit Factory-6

We ditched the factory and headed to the Govan Graving Docks that I’d passed on my bike on Monday and noticed a small gap in the surrounding fencing which allowed us to get in easily.

The site is pretty large, and despite it being out in the open no one seemed to care that we were there. I think we kicked around for at least an hour, checking things out and taking photos.

There’s always some batshit graffiti in places like this. Jeffels climbed up a ladder in the old building there, and at the top waiting for him read “Ritual Murder”. Interesting.

Govan Graving Docks-1Govan Graving Docks-8Govan Graving Docks-20Govan Graving Docks-26Govan Graving Docks-35Govan Graving Docks-42Govan Graving Docks-37

The vlog below features a bunch more photos that are worth checking out if this is your kinda thing.


This weeks mile count: 15



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