Woodland with Kitty Misfit

A couple of years ago I spent an afternoon with Kitty and we shot a few different sets in a bunch of different locations.

One of those – the one you’re about to view – was shot for her pay-site. I’m not exactly sure why but the original site ended up going down, not that that matters now because her site has relaunched so you can go and check it out here.

Anyway, this particular set wasn’t considered explicit enough for the new content she’s currently posting, which is no problem, it means I get to share it here and I can’t imagine there being any complaints with that.

Kitty is rad and she’s coming to visit me in Glasgow soon which means we’ll get to shoot a whole bunch of new stuff.

The following gets pretty NSFW.

Kitty Misfit getting naked in woodland in North Yorkshire by Lee JonesKitty in Woodland-2Kitty in Woodland-3Kitty in Woodland-4Kitty in Woodland-5Kitty in Woodland-6Kitty in Woodland-7Kitty in Woodland-8Kitty in Woodland-10Kitty in Woodland-9Kitty in Woodland-11Kitty in Woodland-12Kitty in Woodland-13Kitty in Woodland-14Kitty in Woodland-15Kitty in Woodland-16Kitty in Woodland-17Kitty in Woodland-18Kitty in Woodland-19Kitty in Woodland-20Kitty in Woodland-21Kitty in Woodland-22Kitty in Woodland-23Kitty in Woodland-24Kitty in Woodland-25Kitty in Woodland-26Kitty in Woodland-27Kitty in Woodland-28Kitty in Woodland-29Kitty in Woodland-31Kitty in Woodland-30Kitty in Woodland-32Kitty in Woodland-33Kitty in Woodland-34Kitty in Woodland-35Kitty in Woodland-36Kitty in Woodland-37Kitty in Woodland-38Kitty in Woodland-39Kitty in Woodland-40

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