“Migrants made Glasgow” – Theresa May protest outside SEC.

I received a message around 2:30 this afternoon saying that there’d be a small Theresa May protest outside the SEC at 3:30. I figured it wouldn’t be very well attended, but grabbed a quick lunch and got out, deciding to go take some photos anyway.


As I crossed through the tunnel, I noticed a group of people behind the SSE and it wasn’t long until I found myself stood with a gathering of mothers and daughters. This wasn’t what I was expecting, so I asked one of the girls what they were here for.

“Olly Murs”


When I went back around, I found the area where I was supposed to be. There were only three blokes sporting a Yes flag.

Small Theresa May protest outside SEC Glasgow photographed by Lee Jones

3:30 came and went, along with the news that Theresa May had split hours before (along with a substantially larger crowd of protesters).

Shortly after, a handful more people turned up and so I headed with them to stand outside the entrance, and observed while they chanted and engaged in conversation with those who ventured over from the building.


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