Visiting a Food Bank.

Today, me and Jeffels made our first visit to a local(ish) food bank to collect an emergency three-day supply of food from the Preshal Trust just over the river.

It was good to get out of the flat for a walk and embrace the good weather, as I’ve felt it’s been rainy and miserable for a little too long now.

The Preshal Trust Foodbank via Glasgow Clyde Tunnel by Lee Jones.

Getting to walk through the Clyde Tunnel was pretty neat, though a bike next time will probably be better.


We collected our rations, and received some information of other places to go when they are closed.

Here’s our emergency three day supply. Remember, this is for two people.


There were a couple of small kitkat’s, two tins of soup, and some biscuits that weren’t vegan friendly, so we made sure to donate those back (well, this time we did). Fortunately we have a few spices knocking about the flat, so should be able to make something somewhat more interesting out of this.

It’s heartbreaking to know that there’s so many people regularly relying on these kinds of rations.

“Latest Trussell Trust figures show a 2% increase in foodbank use on the previous year with 1,109,309 three-day emergency food supplies given to people in crisis by our network of 424 foodbanks in 2015/16” –

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