Donate via PayPal

The simplest thing to say here is if you find yourself coming back to my page on the regular, or by chance you’ve just stumbled across my page and found something that you think is pretty rad, or just dig supporting independent creatives, there’s now a donate button for you. On desktops, it should be under the search bar to the right. On mobile devices, possibly somewhere near the bottom.

Why donate?

Without this reading like some goddamn sob story, it’s almost inevitable that each year that comes around I’m gonna struggle to keep my websites online. Between that, money can help me with food and rent, basic living shit; Simply put I just dig taking photographs and I’ll keep doing it regardless of my financial situation, but money helps.

Donate as much or as little as you want.

Everyone who donates £10 will receive at least a 6″ x 4″ print. If the donation is recurring, you’ll receive monthly prints until either you cancel, run out of money, or I die, which ever comes first.

Of course, no one has to donate! I’ll keep posting – So, massive thanks to everyone who likes, shares, and enjoys viewing this stuff.

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