Marvels: Abandoned Theme Park, with JAZZebell_

I’m struggling to blog as consistently as last month, which is probably an indication that my mental health is getting worse again, so I’ve again switched off various social networks, and tomorrow I’m going to force myself out of the flat and take my camera and just walk. Will see how that pans out.

In the meantime, I noticed Jazz has been posting a few photos from a day last year when we went to Marvels, an abandoned theme park in Scarborough. I don’t think I’ve actually posted any on this blog, so I’ve just been through and dug some out.

There’s almost nothing there now, in terms of the old theme park. An occasional structure, and some concrete of where things used to be, but it’s mostly dirt. We’d actually already taken some photos this day down on the open topped bus, where we got into a bit of trouble, and these follow on from that.

jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-1jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-2jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-4jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-5jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-6jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-7jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-9jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-10jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-11jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-12jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-13jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-14jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-15jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-16jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-18jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-19jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-20jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-21jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-22jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-24jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-25jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-26jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-27jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-28jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-29jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-30jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-31jazzebell_-at-mister-marvels-32Photographing nudes at Mister Marvels abandoned Theme Park in Scarborough with JAZZebell_ by Lee Jones

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