Scarborough with Amy

This post is later than planned, and a bit lacking on words as there’s a lot of photos to get through.

After spending a week with Amy’s family and friends from back home, it was time for her to head down to Scarborough with me to meet mine.

glasgow-to-scarborough-1Glasgow to Scarborough on Virgin East Coast Train by Lee Jones

Day 1: We went to the arcade on the beach, and I think it could be the first time I’ve ever won anything there. I say ‘won’ loosely, Amy claimed our prized Aliens and My Little Pony, leaving us nothing.


We grabbed some food and went for a walk.


The first night we were back we went out for a meal with my parents. It actually ended up being their wedding anniversary, and I think it’s like 30 years or something. I don’t know the actual amount but I remember Dad saying he’s served two life sentences and that adds up.


Day 2: We headed to town early… ish. Iain and Jeanna were running a little late so we headed to The Commercial for a pint before ending up in The Alma with everyone else.


I don’t know who’s idea it was exactly, but someone got some shots in and the day went to shit almost instantly. I mean the good kind of shit. The kind where you don’t completely remember, but know you had a good time. I’ll blame Sarah. Look at her face.


Even though I know how he does it, Iain’s card tricks still blow my mind and it was fun to see Amy experience it for the first time.


There was a few more pubs before we ended up in the arcade late at night, including a stop in an ambulance (which I’d forgotten about briefly), basically there was this bloke face down on the pavement with blood coming out of him and the lasses were concerned about him and called an ambulance. The guy who came to check him out asked if we’d mind getting some blankets from the ambulance and there was already an elderly woman in there, and Amy got chatting to her for about ten minutes or so; It was sweet but also real sad, so I’m not going to post those photos.




The less said of our bowling skills that night the better.


No night out in Scarborough is complete without a Flames Pizza.


Day 3: We crashed at Iain and Jeanna’s place, and got up early to walk off our hangover. I used to live on South Cliff years ago, and walking along the beach into town is something I don’t realise I miss until I see it again. It’s kind of weird to think that only a couple of months before I moved to Glasgow I was trying to get a flat there again, and if that’d’ve happened I wonder what I’d be up to now.


When hungover, there’s always an obligatory stop at Mojos Music Cafe.


We left Scarborough and headed to Malton to visit Jemma, Jake, Emily, and their four cats.


Day 4: This day consisted of mostly sitting inside because it was raining, but then heading out for a walk regardless because we felt we should do something with the day, and then returning pretty quickly because being out in the rain was actually pretty shitty. We did see some rad sheep though.


Back home to find Toby, and to throw him around a bit.


Day 5: The last day of Amy’s visit. We headed to York with my mum and had a wander around the wall, looked at some old stuff, drank some alcohol, and had a meal. Pretty successful day, that.


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