JAZZebell_ in a Popcorn Bath

I’ve had Jazz up in Glasgow for the past few days, and besides from a pretty impromptu flat party we almost didn’t get around to taking photos like we normally would. I know I wanted to get out of the flat, and I think Jazz probably wanted something similar but the weather was pretty rubbish and we were sort of tired/ill as well and that just never happened.

But last night we decided to fill the bath up with popcorn. I could only realistically use one pan, so it took bloody ages. I think it took me about 2 hours, if not more. Which is now the most prep I have done ever for a shoot.

Talking about prep for a moment – Jeffels was at a loose end and he had an idea for the lighting which basically meant turning the bathroom lights off and he’d manoeuvre around me with one of the lamps from his bedroom. I think it’s the first time I’ve incorporated light in such a way, as I was all set to just leave the bathroom lights on and make do as I’m used to. I’m glad this went the way it did though, the light really made a lot of the photos.

The bath thing has been done a whole bunch, I often see it done with milk and as a vegan that level of waste especially is pretty frustrating. There was a brief moment we considered doing it with vegan milk but that was dumb and expensive (though we did shoot a single carton of Oatly half way through…). The popcorn thing just felt ridiculous enough and fun. Sure, the waste is still not ideal but I’ll sacrifice eating popcorn for the rest of the year or something. Maybe two. I fucking hate the stuff now anyway.

I optimistically thought I was going to get 70 photos from shooting Jazz in a bath, but I ended up with 120 or so. There’s a considerable amount to follow below.

Nude shoot in a Popcorn Bath with JAZZebell_ by Lee Jonesjazzebell_-popcorn-bath-3jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-5jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-6jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-8jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-9jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-10jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-12jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-16jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-17jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-19jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-23jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-24jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-26jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-27jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-33jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-35jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-36jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-37jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-38jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-41jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-42jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-44jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-46jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-48jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-50jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-53jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-55jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-60jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-61jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-63jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-65jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-68jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-69jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-70jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-72jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-74jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-78jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-81jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-82jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-85jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-87jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-95jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-96jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-98jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-99jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-100jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-102jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-103jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-106jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-107jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-108jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-109jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-110jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-113jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-114jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-115jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-116jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-118jazzebell_-popcorn-bath-119


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