A month without Facebook

It’s been a year to the day since I released my first photography zine, and this past month I’ve spent a little time curating photos for a second zine, with a third one all but printed and assembled, and a vague plan for a fourth one that’s a little more ambitious for later in the year that may or may not actually involve Kickstarter… time will tell.

Music-wise, I’m tying up loose ends from an EP for my band Magnificent Bastard which was pretty much all recorded bar the vocals over a goddamn year ago, and the second and third EPs have been taking shape this month as well. No idea when I’ll release them, but they’re getting done and it feels good.

Anyway, the point being is I’ve been without a personal Facebook account for a month and I’m starting to feel more focused now. I’d find it too easy to say ‘I hate Facebook’; I don’t, I just dislike the fact that sometimes I get a bit too sucked into it and I guess distancing yourself from these things can do good. Aside from a few aspects in my offline life which need sorting the hell out, creatively at least I feel like I’m on fire.

I’m blogging more regularly than I have in over a year and I’ve got more shit done than I realised and that’s even including taking two weeks out to go back home and visit friends and family.

There’s no photos so this is probably boring as hell right now, so I’ll leave it here and just I’m going to try and let this ‘No Facebook’ thing spill throughout February while I’m at it, and try to get the majority of these projects finished.


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