Flat Party

It’s been a while since me and Jeffels have thrown a party. I was working a lot in a club over Christmas and New Year, and so got my fill of parties there and then headed back to Scarborough for a couple of weeks. So there’s that, and not to mention recently we’ve been trying to lay off the booze…


As with any party, it started off civilised enough but soon descended into chaos. I don’t really have a lot of words and it’s all a bit of a haze so I think these photos will have to do.

flat-party-crow-road-40flat-party-crow-road-26flat-party-crow-road-48flat-party-crow-road-33flat-party-crow-road-22flat-party-crow-road-66flat-party-crow-road-23flat-party-crow-road-16flat-party-crow-road-12Flat Party on Crow Road in Glasgow by Party Photographer Lee Jonesflat-party-crow-road-4flat-party-crow-road-1flat-party-crow-road-2flat-party-crow-road-6flat-party-crow-road-5flat-party-crow-road-14flat-party-crow-road-30flat-party-crow-road-35flat-party-crow-road-34flat-party-crow-road-31flat-party-crow-road-28flat-party-crow-road-20flat-party-crow-road-54flat-party-crow-road-52flat-party-crow-road-49flat-party-crow-road-50flat-party-crow-road-59flat-party-crow-road-64flat-party-crow-road-65flat-party-crow-road-47flat-party-crow-road-55flat-party-crow-road-63flat-party-crow-road-58flat-party-crow-road-69flat-party-crow-road-61flat-party-crow-road-42flat-party-crow-road-36flat-party-crow-road-38flat-party-crow-road-39flat-party-crow-road-43flat-party-crow-road-44flat-party-crow-road-45flat-party-crow-road-71

There’s more photos here.

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