Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Yesterday morning I got up early for my appointment at the hospital – I’ve spend a bunch of time there in recent months – and the morning light was great so I took my camera along and decided to expose for the highlights.

biopsy-glasgow-royal-infirmary-1biopsy-glasgow-royal-infirmary-2Glasgow Royal Infirmary by Lee Jonesbiopsy-glasgow-royal-infirmary-3biopsy-glasgow-royal-infirmary-4

I’ve been asked a bunch about why I’m in hospital. I’m just getting a lump checked out on my ankle that’s been there for about 3 or 4 years as I was told it was nothing, but then after the insistence of a few pals more recently to get it checked again, I went to my GP.

My new GP didn’t know what it was, and I was sent to the hospital for an ultrasound. They didn’t know what it was either, and sent the results for further review. The results came back, it’s “nothing to worry about” but they said again they didn’t know what it is so I was booked for an X-Ray, and was told I’d probably have an MRI as well. The X-Ray was a couple of weeks later, and again, nothing.

So after that the MRI happened, and a week or so after I was called in for a review. “It’s probably nothing, but we can’t rule out it being cancerous.”. I was given a date for a biopsy – which was the purpose of this visit – so now I’m just waiting around for the results of that basically.

Hopefully when I go back the light will be this good again.


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