Black Stone Cherry

I’ve had this sitting in my drafts for ages and I’ve only just gotten around to it, bloody hell…

Anyway, late last year I got a message to see if I’d go down and take some photos of Black Stone Cherry in The Garage as they geared up in preparation for their world tour. The guys were over in Glasgow a few days before their tour kicked off in order to perform a special sold out show at the Cathouse for the venues 26th Birthday with all money raised going towards Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Charity. Pretty neat.

Even though I was hungover to hell it was rad to see behind the scenes of something like this, I actually dig a bunch of the photos I took and so I’ve posted a large handful here.

black-stone-cherry-42black-stone-cherry-67black-stone-cherry-74black-stone-cherry-72black-stone-cherry-80Black Stone Cherry World Tour 2016 Behind The Scenes in Glasgow at The Garage for Cathouse Rock Club by Lee Jonesblack-stone-cherry-24black-stone-cherry-46black-stone-cherry-47black-stone-cherry-22black-stone-cherry-38black-stone-cherry-39black-stone-cherry-51black-stone-cherry-12black-stone-cherry-35black-stone-cherry-28black-stone-cherry-36black-stone-cherry-11black-stone-cherry-16black-stone-cherry-25black-stone-cherry-8black-stone-cherry-65black-stone-cherry-63black-stone-cherry-53black-stone-cherry-84black-stone-cherry-87black-stone-cherry-59black-stone-cherry-60black-stone-cherry-99black-stone-cherry-40black-stone-cherry-2black-stone-cherry-4black-stone-cherry-26black-stone-cherry-6black-stone-cherry-41

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