Pubs, Pizzas, & Birthday Tattoos

Pizza and Birthday Tattoos by Lee Jones

Iain turned 29 the other day and once again we found ourselves continuing the tradition of getting a notoriously terrible tattoo to mark the occasion. This year we actually got two each.

The usual plan is to spend the day and night before drinking, get up and grab a breakfast, then draw something ridiculous while hungover, day drink, and go visit Dan to get it done. Everything sort of got skewed this year but we still managed to get it all done under the watchful eye of Jeanna, Iain’s girlfriend.

Traditions are to be taken seriously after all.

Pizza and Birthday Tattoos by Lee Jones


Dan is as much a part of this as us, having being our goto guy since the first year. He was actually way over in York that night and drove back for us. Dedication.

There was a difference this year, however; It’s our fifth year of doing it and to mark the occasion Dan said he’d also let us tattoo each other. I was up first, tattooing my face on to Iain.


Yes, yes… I’m now taking bookings.


Next up, Iain was tattooing his face onto me. I’ll admit, letting him tattoo me was terrifying, but some things you just gotta commit to. Besides I’m not really that precious about things anyway, so fuck it.


I think this was around the time I heard the words “I think I’m going outside the lines?” come out of his mouth while carrying on regardless, and then following up with “never mind, I didn’t like that bit anyway”.


The likeness is uncanny.



Pizza and Birthday Tattoos by Lee Jones


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