JAZZebell_ on South Cliff

I have a few days left in Scarborough and it just so happened that I had chance to meet my pal Jazz, who if you visit this blog regularly, you’ll see we’ve shot a bunch of stuff before.

Jazz had been out the night before and was actually still drunk when we got together today.

JAZZebell_ getting naked on South Cliff in Scarborough by Lee Jonesjazzebell_-south-cliff-nikon-30

I haven’t shot down on South Cliff properly before, I don’t think. So today was a good opportunity to go and do some nudes.

The sea was rough but we came for some photos so we stuck to our guns and went for it. We climbed along the cliff and dropped behind some ruined chalets. The colours were great though, and we took a bunch of photos. We got spotted a whole bunch by passers by, but they dug it.

jazzebell_-south-cliff-nikon-4jazzebell_-south-cliff-nikon-1jazzebell_-south-cliff-nikon-10jazzebell_-south-cliff-nikon-9jazzebell_-south-cliff-fuji-5jazzebell_-south-cliff-fuji-8jazzebell_-south-cliff-fuji-7JAZZebell_ getting naked on South Cliff in Scarborough by Lee Jonesjazzebell_-south-cliff-nikon-14jazzebell_-south-cliff-fuji-9jazzebell_-south-cliff-nikon-17

It’s worth pointing out just how rough the sea was.


We managed to get a few with as the waves crashed behind Jazz. I fucked up the photos a bit, so they’re not exactly what I wanted from it but fuck it they are still pretty cool and at least we got out and did shit.


We pressed on and went to the bottom of Holbeck Hill.

I’m going to interrupt here with a photo of the sky because the clouds were rad and I want to share it before I leave you with the last few photos from the day.


So yeah, Jazz is fun and I’m looking for her coming back to Glasgow soon. I’m going to send her a bunch more of the photos I took right now so you might see them at some point if you follow her here.

Right, goodbye, and here’s some sea.

JAZZebell_ getting naked on South Cliff in Scarborough by Lee Jones


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