The Black Isle

I’ve got some catching up to do, and so here’s one of two photo heavy posts.

I was supposed to meet Amy’s parents a few weeks ago but ended up busy with work and unable to, so we’d arranged for me to head out up to Fortrose on Boxing Day and spend five days doing that.

The night before I barely managed to sleep, getting maybe a couple of hours before having to get up and gone for the early bus which made the journey up feel a little like a lucid dream.


The snow started to fall pretty bad, not that it slowed our driver down or anything. I guess he had a death wish ’cause despite setting off 30 minutes late I’m sure I arrived a few minutes earlier than scheduled. Madness.

glasgow-to-inverness-4Glasgow to Inverness and Fortrose by Lee Jones

Surprisingly, the journey up was all the snow I’d gotten to see as Fortrose went almost untouched. We headed down to the beach to walk run the dog, but it started pissing it with rain almost instantly cutting the chance to properly wear Maisy out. The view was rad, though.


The day after Amy took me for a little walk through some fields and into some woodland and down an old unused railway where she was telling me she used to hang around with pals. Some parts reminded me of being back home, dickin’ about over farmers private land and what-not, finding little corners away from everywhere.

The sunsets up there were ridiculous, and I don’t think I’ve got a single photo that does it even remotely any justice whatsoever.

fortrose-8Fortrose in Scotland by Lee Jones

Amy insists that I’d seen Maisy at her most placid, but I’m not convinced. I’m sure this is the only photograph I’d gotten of her being completely still; even when she sleeps I’ve witnessed her licking radiators.


We took her down to the beach again for another run, and to throw sticks in to the sea for her to go and salvage. I may have accidentally thrown one a bit too far out and only realised when Amy all of a sudden sounded panicked – which barely ever happens by the way – Still, Maisy swam back.


We took a drive along to Cromarty, though I didn’t really get to take many photos there. As soon as I’d arrived the battery on my camera died. Fancy that, a photographer fucking up like that…

This is probably my only gripe with the X-Pro2, the battery is shite. Worse than any camera I’ve tried before, by far. I have a spare, but I’d guessed I’d not have needed it for that journey seeing as though I wasn’t using it a lot. Evidently I was wrong, so if anyone from Fuji is reading this, there’s something for you to consider for the next one.

Cromarty by Lee Jones

Back for food – and to charge the camera battery – before heading to the pub. Vegan pizza. Banging.


One of the things that was bothering me about heading up to meet everyone was that I’m rubbish at meeting a lot of people in such a short space of time, especially at Christmas. I’m no fan of Christmas which does often baffle folk. All things considered, I think it went pretty well; Beer and various spirits have a wonderful knack for taking the edge off, though Amy’s family and pals are rad, so I’m sure I’d have managed just fine without.


The last proper day involved a drive in land which went as far as crossing Meig Dam at the bottom of Loch Meig. The scenery is stunning, though I didn’t take a whole load of photographs, opting instead to soak it all in listening to music and chatting with Amy as we dotted around the place.

I could get used to spending more time up here…

Meig Dam by Lee Jonesmeig-dam-4meig-dam-6meig-dam-3

Amy travelled back to Glasgow with me for Hogmanay and we headed down to Scarborough together so that she could visit my pals and family. I’ll be following this blog up with photos from that shortly…

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