Blythe Hogmanay House Party & Cathouse with Jesse Leach

In a way, last night marked the end of my first year in Glasgow. I didn’t technically move up until the start of February, but it was Hogmanay last year that cemented my desire to move to the city and make a go of it. It was also the first night I worked in the Cathouse.

Stephen and Grace hosted another Blythe Hogmanay in their flat.

Hogmanay House Party by Party Photographer Lee JonesHogmanay House Party by Party Photographer Lee Jonesblythe-hogmanay-3blythe-hogmanay-5blythe-hogmanay-11

We went to meet Grace from her work who had managed to fall ill to food poisoning, and took advantage of being able to drink in the street this one night of the year.


That was me, then. In a taxi to Catty for the bells. I left my x-pro2 with Jeffels, and he took some photos of the house party doings while I was working; So there’s a nice overlap here of events that were happening around the same time.

Hogmanay House Party & Cathouse in Cathouseblythe-hogmanay-38cathouse-46

Chris Fuckin’ Rouse.

blythe-hogmanay-30cathouse-124blythe-hogmanay-60cathouse-96blythe-hogmanay-50Hogmanay House Party & Cathouse in Cathouseblythe-hogmanay-48cathouse-119blythe-hogmanay-36cathouse-170blythe-hogmanay-58Hogmanay House Party & Cathouse in Cathouseblythe-hogmanay-71cathouse-95Hogmanay House Party & Cathouse in Cathouse

The Catty brought in the new year with Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage. He came down, had some drinks, got weird and played a rad DJ set occasionally taking the time out to fucking dance and get involved with everyone. More of that here.

cathouse-224cathouse-320cathouse-341Glasgow Hogmanay in Cathouse with Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage by Party Photographer Lee Jones

By the time I made it back to Stephens, the rooms were relatively empty, with talks of bodies sparked out in the garden and of events that had happened… broken windows, a bit of graffiti, Kim with a 50″ plasma telly on her head, guitar destruction. Turns out the party took an interesting turn not long after I left.

The Reagan and Nixon masks soon made an appearance. Amy dancing, complete with tinsel is something I’m not likely to forget for a while.


Goodbye, 2016. Hello, 2017.


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