City, Singl-End & Lighthouse with Amy

Tomorrow’s my thirtieth and I’m no fan of birthdays as it is, but Amy wouldn’t let me do nothing so I agreed to head out for the day. A brew and food is definitely a sure fire way to get me out.


The light that dots around the city at this time of year is my favourite, and it reminds me of when I moved up early February.amy-glasgow-6

When I first stepped foot in Glasgow, Singl-end was one of the first places I checked out with my friend Abby. It’s still my go-to place for breakfast/lunch, and given that Amy had yet to go there, today was a perfect excuse to visit again.

I didn’t falter, and my veganism is still intact thanks to their rad vegan breakfast and an earl gray. Amy went for the eggs and I can’t blame her; They’re fucking marvellous. Look at them.


We took a walk through the city and headed to the Lighthouse to look out over the city since the weather was good for it.


We ended up headed downstairs to see the Alan Kitching exhibition ‘A Life in Letterpress’ before heading home.

amy-glasgow-18amy-glasgow-19amy-glasgow-17Amy at Alan Kitching's A Life in Letterpress in The Lighthouse by Lee Jones

Anyway, I’m gonna stop being an anti-social fuckwit and get back to it, as she’s currently slaving away baking me some scones. This boy done good.

2 thoughts on “City, Singl-End & Lighthouse with Amy

  1. Happy scumday!

    I’ve still never been to the Lighthouse.

    1. Really?! Well worth a visit. The building itself is great, and the view at the top is well worth seeing. Free, too.

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