Near the Clyde in Glasgow with JAZZebell_

Jazz hopped on a bus and came to visit for a week. We’d originally planned to head up a mountain and take some rad nudes, ’cause the winter wasn’t going to stop us, but the day we’d planned to head out on was so foggy it would have been pointless.

We opted to wander by the Clyde and head towards Victoria Park since it’s only a short walk from the flat.

It wasn’t long before Jazz spotted a building site and jumped through a gap in the border.


This post get a bit more NSFW so nows a good time to carry on if you’re ok with that.

jazzebell_-glasgow-4jazzebell_-glasgow-6JAZZebell_ by the River Clyde in Glasgow by Lee Jones

I usually like to process at least some photos in black and white, but it’s a shame to waste how colourful Jazz is; so I’m embracing that.


I’ve recently decided to start documenting some shoots I do with snapchat so if it’s your kinda thing you should probably follow me. Username: radiomoths

jazzebell_-glasgow-25JAZZebell_ in Victoria Park's Fossil Grove in Glasgow by Lee Jonesjazzebell_-glasgow-26

Jeffels came along, and since I was making an effort to solely use my X-pro2 I lent him a DSLR and a 50mm 1.4 and he took a bunch of photos too.

Forever the enthusiast, he also got involved.


I think we set out with like an hour and half of usable light, and by the time we got to Victoria Park’s Fossil Grove the light was going fast.


I attempted to climb the other side to get a better angle but I managed to misjudge and my body crashed down onto a large pointed rock, instantly I was aware of just how far and hard I’d fallen.

My camera was fine though. Small victories, n’ that.

After hobbling around trying to ‘walk it off’ realising that the pain was just going to get worse, I figured I’d just press on and get the photos done, so I climbed up again and finished the fucking thing.

Nowt quite like a naked blue haired friend to take your mind off the pain a bit.


On the way home we just shot a few extra places that we dug, and Jeffels managed to grab some photos on a bridge over the A739.

jazzebell_-glasgow-43jazzebell_-glasgow-45jazzebell_-glasgow-46jazzebell_-glasgow-47JAZZebell_ topless near the Clyde by Lee JonesJAZZebell_ in the Clyde Tunnel by Lee Jonesjazzebell_-glasgow-52

We ended the day with a quick thirty second jeans off / shirt up in the Clyde tunnel before being approached by a guy who we’re half suspecting knew what we were doing and was trying to catch a look. We’ll be back one day to shoot in there properly.

jazzebell_-glasgow-53JAZZebell_ in Clyde Tunnel in Glasgow by Lee Jones

I’m already looking forward to being able to shoot Jazz next time, we’ve got some rad plans…

In the meantime, she’s started a page and I think you should definitely go and like that right here because it’s the only decent thing to do right now.

Oh, that fall I had? I started to bruise a few days afterwards, and it’s getting progressively worse. Nowt a brew and codeine can’t fix.


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