Smoke: Cathouse

As I’m still swooning over my new camera I’ve decided to mostly give the Catty smoking area a little more attention, and plan to post a bunch of photos each week or so on this blog.

There’ll no doubt be the occasional ‘posed’ photo – as is often the case with club environments and people who want their photo taken – but the main focus here at least is to have a more candid approach, and not be constantly blasting folk with a flash.

The majority of the photos here stem from hanging out and chatting to people; getting properly involved, rather than just drunkenly dancing by on the dance floor.

candid-cathouse-55candid-cathouse-22candid-cathouse-53candid-cathouse-26Glasgow nightlife in Cathouse rock club by Party Photographer Lee Jones - Fujifilm X-Pro2 with 18mm f2candid-cathouse-6candid-cathouse-14candid-cathouse-29candid-cathouse-12candid-cathouse-27candid-cathouse-18candid-cathouse-31candid-cathouse-25Glasgow nightlife in Cathouse rock club by Party Photographer Lee Jonescandid-cathouse-47candid-cathouse-34candid-cathouse-40candid-cathouse-50candid-cathouse-44candid-cathouse-28candid-cathouse-57

As always, you can view my regular night life photos here.

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