A week of Halloween in Glasgow

As I moved to Glasgow in February, this Halloween marked my first in the city.

Regular readers of my blogs will know that I’ve been shooting nightlife in the Cathouse rock club pretty much since I arrived here, and I’ve just spent a 6 night binge covering the clubs various Halloween nights.

A personal highlight had to be the Pole Dancing competition.


As well as the appearance of an impressive Finn and Jake (Charlotte also appeared as Fiona, her photo will show up somewhere below).


As this is a standalone blog post, I’ve broken my usual rule of keeping nightclub photos in full colour, opting for a few black and white edits. What follows is a pretty large collection of some of my favourite photos from the past week. I hope you dig looking through them.


Glasgow nightlife in Cathouse rock club during Halloween by Party Photographer Lee Jonescathouse-1cathouse-48cathouse-9-2cathouse-58cathouse-60cathouse-55cathouse-65-2cathouse-68cathouse-120cathouse-157cathouse-212cathouse-222cathouse-223cathouse-195cathouse-198cathouse-291cathouse-324cathouse-283cathouse-330cathouse-332cathouse-369cathouse-412cathouse-312cathouse-400cathouse-355Glasgow nightlife in Cathouse rock club during Halloween by Party Photographer Lee Jonescathouse-388cathouse-384cathouse-255cathouse-259cathouse-168cathouse-161cathouse-119cathouse-138cathouse-94cathouse-95cathouse-104cathouse-108cathouse-74cathouse-82-2cathouse-74-2cathouse-73cathouse-72cathouse-83cathouse-69cathouse-56cathouse-62cathouse-49cathouse-65cathouse-40cathouse-35cathouse-8cathouse-32cathouse-10cathouse-47cathouse-16cathouse-44cathouse-21cathouse-52cathouse-127cathouse-30cathouse-154cathouse-6cathouse-122cathouse-9cathouse-145cathouse-82cathouse-151cathouse-131cathouse-146cathouse-124cathouse-144cathouse-106cathouse-167cathouse-141cathouse-233cathouse-113cathouse-252cathouse-109cathouse-200cathouse-135cathouse-230cathouse-156cathouse-246cathouse-243cathouse-226cathouse-308cathouse-217cathouse-306cathouse-220cathouse-345cathouse-310Glasgow nightlife in Cathouse rock club during Halloween by Party Photographer Lee Jonescathouse-351cathouse-419cathouse-427cathouse-405cathouse-437cathouse-318cathouse-365cathouse-261cathouse-265cathouse-160cathouse-216cathouse-342cathouse-389cathouse-299cathouse-230-2

You’ll be able to check out the Halloween galleries featuring around 1000 photos on my nightlife blog in the next day or so.

One thing’s for sure; Glasgow does Halloween good, and hopefully I’ll still be around next year.


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