Abandoned Loudoun Castle Theme Park & Troon Beach

Amy suggested we head on another adventure, so we jumped in the car and headed to what used to be Loudoun Castle Theme Park.

It wasn’t the most accessible of places, so we parked a short way from it and took a walk down the road, past a bunch of fields and cows. We tried to get the cows over for a hello, but they didn’t give a shit. Staring, judging us from a far.


Once off the road we ventured past numerous “Danger” signs, warnings of surveillance, etc., and went deeper into the woods. There was an occasional opening of land where rides used to be. A lot has been removed in the past few months or so… and mostly all that remains now are a bunch of shipping containers with questionable logos on them (I didn’t think to get a photo at the time).


There’s a certain gut-wrenchingly eerie scene in series one of True Detective that this landscape reminds me of…


That, coupled with the stumbling across a huge Swastika in the middle of nowhere is a good a reason as any to make it your business in getting gone.


As the Theme Park exploration took less time than expected, we took a drive to the beach in Troon.


Those photos are misleading – the wind was constant and ridiculously fierce.


… and made getting a photo together neigh on impossible.


Though I guess we did ok in the end.


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