Sam & Dakota house party, Glasgow Green, & Cathouse

Late last week I woke to a message asking if I was still heading to this house party – A commitment I’d forgotten I’d made likely due to vodka – and so I made my way to Sam and Dakota’s flat party with a large bottle of Buckfast and a promise of there being “lots of drink”.

Sam & Dakota, House Party-39.jpg

I met Sam shortly after I started working at Cathouse, so it was inevitable that we’d eventually get round to hanging out outside of that place – even if I did have to go into work later that night.

Sam & Dakota, House Party-32Sam & Dakota, House Party-15

There were some questionable bottles of 76% gin next to the sink, with a drawing of a skull and a warning next to them demanding that it be mixed with water. This obviously screamed out for shots.

Sam & Dakota, House Party-19

All the good intentions in the world count for shite, as nothing can prepare you for how bad of an idea it actually is…

Sam & Dakota, House Party-20Sam & Dakota, House Party-21

“76% – which is coincidentally also the percentage of my brain cells it brutally murdered” – Sam.

As is often the case though, when you’ve done it once you think you can do it again… surely it can’t be *that bad* again…

Sam & Dakota, House Party-35Sam & Dakota, House Party-37

… but it’s just as bad. If not worse.

Sam & Dakota, House Party-2Sam & Dakota, House Party-10
Sam & Dakota, House Party-27.jpg
Sam & Dakota, House Party-13Sam & Dakota, House Party-14

Dakota has just moved to Glasgow from Colorado and hasn’t seen much of the city, so the following day we arranged to meet and the plan was to head out with our cameras and take some photos.

The weather ended up having other ideas, and I wasn’t exactly prepared for the rain – to the pub!

We walked into this tiny place on a street corner; it was the sort of place you’d imagine getting punched simply for not being local. We got our drinks and made our way to the back. An elderly lady stumbled over to us, and threw a packet of balloons at us. She asked us to blow them up as she was setting up for a birthday party. Out of everything that could have happened to us in this pub, I was definitely ok with this scenario.

Dakota, Glasgow Green-1

Blowing up a pack of balloons on the back of a hangover is seriously demanding work.

Dakota, Glasgow Green-2

Just as the party was about to start, we ditched the place and headed through Glasgow Green.

Dakota, Glasgow Green-4Dakota, Glasgow Green-5Dakota, Glasgow Green-6

and straight to West’s to shelter under a large tree and have another drink.

Dakota, Glasgow Green-7

I was only expecting to be out for a couple of hours, but Dakota had arranged to meet Josefine – another who had only just arrived in the city – and Josefine’s pal Lynsey, so I ended up kicking around for that.

We met them on Ashton Lane, and hung about a few of the bars for a while before grabbing some food at Brel. My first time eating there, and I can confirm that their Mac N’ Cheese was on point, and judging from the looks of the burgers the lasses got, they were good too.

I actually didn’t take any photos until much later, when we all inevitably ended up in the Cathouse and the usual chaos occurred.


The day after, I discovered that Lynsey was at a house party I was at over New Years in Edinburgh… Small world!


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