World Pipe Band Championships 2016

Today I spent my hangover wandering around Glasgow Green being blasted from all directions by multiple pipe-bands as they tuned-up, rehearsed, and performed…

I must admit, I only knew some bands were tuning up due to the sign posts pinned on the trees.

World Pipe Band Championships-7World Pipe Band Championships-1

Written down it seems like a terrible idea of a way to spend a hangover, and it was a surreal experience. There were bands performing here from all around the world.

World Pipe Band Championships-13World Pipe Band Championships-9

The co-ordination of the bands was impressive and after I managed to get some food down me, I found a comfort in the drums and drones.

Not that I could get too comfortable. There was always something going on, and my ears were working overtime.

A bunch of us almost got trampled to death when this band came marching seemingly out of nowhere…


World Pipe Band Championships-15World Pipe Band Championships-8World Pipe Band Championships-16

Think I’m just gonna crawl into bed now.

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