Cathouse with Don Broco & 5 Seconds of Summer

Last night I shot Don Broco at the Cathouse, and they even brought along 5 Seconds of Summer for some afterparty chaos.

Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-140
Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-35Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-34Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-125

Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-123Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-69Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-136Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-85Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-134Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-88Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-145Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-75Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-150Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-60Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-144Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-68Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-36Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-152Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-28Cathouse, Don Broco & 5SOS-149

There’s a ton more photos over on Who Are These Fucking People?!

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