Elsa in Glasgow

A few months ago, Elsa contacted me to shoot but it never ended up happening as I was always busy and also lived quite a ways from her. Anyway, as it turns out, she moved to Glasgow almost the exact same time as me, so we had to get together and do something.

Elsa, Glasgow-2595

She dug the photos I did with JAZZebell_ earlier in the month, so it was pretty much accepted that we’d just get together and hang out and shoot a bunch of casual stuff in the city.

We started by Buchanan Galleries.

Elsa, Glasgow-2574Elsa, Glasgow-2585

and it wasn’t long until the clothes started to come off…

Elsa, Glasgow-2596

… and a few heads were instantly turned.

Elsa, Glasgow-2627

The light was glorious, making for plenty of harsh contrasts.

Elsa, Glasgow-2654Elsa, Glasgow-2674Elsa, Glasgow-2678
Elsa, Glasgow-2702Elsa, Glasgow-2687Elsa, Glasgow-2686

We made our way down Sauchiehall Street, and stopped off at the police box.

Elsa, Glasgow-2734Elsa, Glasgow-2757

Before heading toward Kelvingrove Park…

Elsa, Glasgow-2811Elsa, Glasgow-2833Elsa, Glasgow-2842

… and stopping a little traffic on the way.

Elsa, Glasgow-2860Elsa, Glasgow-2868

I naturally anticipate things to go to shit, but there were no real issues at all shooting in the city. It seems that people generally have a good attitude up here.

Besides, as we walked up Buchanan Street we passed various buskers, a human dressed as a Predator, and a middle-aged man balancing on one foot on a tight-rope while playing violin AND rapping, so I guess it’s easy to blend in with the street performers.

No one gave much of a fuck, and as long as you’re not intentionally causing harm I think that’s the way it should be.

Elsa, Glasgow-2901Elsa, Glasgow-2921Elsa, Glasgow-2931Elsa, Glasgow-2941Elsa, Glasgow-2944Elsa, Glasgow-2948Elsa, Glasgow-2954Elsa, Glasgow-2970Elsa, Glasgow-2978Elsa, Glasgow-2983

Sods Law, then, that having picked a quiet area just by Kelvingrove Park that the police showed up. They themselves didn’t appear to care, and were there at the request of one solitary dog walker who clearly had nothing better to do with her day.

“I see you’re just making the most of the weather, then. Eh?”

We were left to it.
Elsa, Glasgow-3006






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