On the Bus with JAZZebell_

Last week, I headed to Leeds to film my pals in Lazlo and while I was at it managed to squeeze in a brief visit to Scarborough before heading back to Glasgow.

Jazz had heard I was due back in town, and said we should take some photos, then hitch-hiked 80-odd miles down from her new home in Sunderland! Despite losing her make-shift ‘Scarborough’ sign to the North Sea on the way (don’t ask), she made it one piece.


Being by the sea is something I think most people end up taking for granted – even if it is cold as fuck half the time – and is something I find myself missing while living in other places.

We headed down to the beach and decided to catch the open top bus away round the seafront, from South Bay to North Bay.

I’ve wanted to shoot some photos on the open top bus for a good few years now, though it’s one of those things that never ended up happening. Anyway, we bought our ticket and got on with it.

JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5649

I half expected to get a few more clothed photos in the process, but by the time I’d managed to even sit down Jazz had already took her shirt off and made a start on the candyfloss, so the rest of this post is pretty NSFW.

JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5645JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5654

I’m pretty sure she’d eaten the best part of the bag in a couple of minutes.

JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5682JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5680JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5689JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5691JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5697

We’d forgot to take into account the restaurants that are one or two levels up, and had gotten a fair amount of smiles in the process while the bus waited at the occasional stop.

Nobody appeared to be bothered, and rightly so.

JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5718JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5717JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5714

The wind picked up as we headed round to the North Bay, but the sun made up for it. It felt like an ideal summers day where the heat is under control.

JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5722JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5727JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5740JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5748JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5751JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5754JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5768JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5769JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5771

“Why’d ya have to pick MY bus?!”

As we were leaving, the driver stopped us briefly saying how she was going to have to report us. She was cool with us though, and we had a pretty pleasant chat before heading up to wasteland/abandoned theme-park Mr Marvels to continue taking photos.

I’ll be posting sometime in the future, so stay tuned for that…

JAZZebell_ on the Bus-5789

7 thoughts on “On the Bus with JAZZebell_


    1. beautiful xxxxx

      1. Hah, thanks. I’ll let Jazz know you dig it

  2. hope u ok lee think use tyo wrk wth ya years ago barracuda glad u doing ok good picts last time spoke u said u was getting into photography nice one pal

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