Shooting 35mm

I just recently found myself digging through a bunch of old 35mm photos.


I don’t shoot film as often as I’d like, and it’s not due to a lack of cameras. It’s purely cost.

Aside from doing it yourself – which currently isn’t practical for me right now – it last cost me seven quid to get a roll processed.


When you get it right, I just love the colours. Accepting it as it comes, with no further processing on the laptop.


A lot of my photos are varied in quality – rarely do I buy new film. I source old expired film that no one wants. Often the results are utterly wank.

CNV00003 2

But there’s a charm that comes almost by default with film and even when a photo is shit, people are often fooled into thinking it’s good just because. That’s something I don’t dig.


I released my first photo-zine cvnted in January and as I’m about release my second who are these fucking people I’ve found myself wishing I’d shot more film photography looking back through all these old photos, as it would be cool to put out a film one.


That said, having recently bought myself a tiny rangefinder, I’m going to keep it loaded with a nice roll of film and keep it on me at all times. By the year’s out, I’ll hopefully have enough content to warrant putting together a new zine…

So if you’re reading this, and are down to get photographed, get in touch. You might end up in one of my projects somewhere down the line!



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