Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum & The Clyde Bike Ride

Lauren came to visit, and so I took the opportunity to go check out what’s actually inside the Art Gallery since I live right next door to it and have only ever looked at it from the path outside.


Inside is pretty beautiful…

and there’s a bunch of interesting stuff to look at. Even when it wasn’t interesting, I was dawdling about looking at things. It’s a weird thing, that. Libraries and Museums make folks walk super slo-mo.


I’m a bit of an idiot in that I don’t like to read up about stuff, especially in museums. The way things are worded goes right over my head and I never remember it, it doesn’t sink in. I can tell you it’s visually great though.

The section filled with floating heads was my favourite part, and reminded me of some of the street art I’d seen in my time living in Prague.


We left the gallery and were about to walk into town when Lauren spotted the nextbikes. Initially, I was hesitant to ride ’em. It’s a while since I’d been on a bike proper, an’ I know how much of a psycho I’d been on the roads back home when I used to ride a lot.


S’all well and good this “it’s like riding a bike, you never forget” lark, but you kinda do forget how to integrate with traffic and there’s a fine line between being too cautious and too confident. That line often instinctively fluctuates too, depending on the cunts with engines around you.


As it turned out, riding the city centre streets was a breeze, and aside from the larger and busier crossroads an’ that, I actually felt real comfortable.


One of the better parts I noticed, is how quickly you rack up the miles. I hadn’t rode a bike in ages, and we did a cool 6 miles through the city and along the Clyde a lil’ bit.

There’s so much to look at, and it kind of distorts any real sense of distance.

Back home, a super quick 3 mile ride would feel like an eternity if not just because it was field after fucking field, with an occasional depressed looking horse hanging it’s head over a barbed wire fence because for some reason the grass in it’s field isn’t as good as the grass that’s just outside of it.


The bikes are a quid per 30mins, but you can get an annual subscription for like £60. I’m pretty tempted, to be honest.


1 thought on “Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum & The Clyde Bike Ride

  1. allanmcleodroney March 5, 2016 — 8:36 am

    Nice 👍🏻 – been tempted by the bikes myself.

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