Robot Wars

My pal Stephen bagged some free tickets to see the filming of the new Robot Wars today, so I went along.

I used to watch it on a tea time after school as a kid, so it felt pretty rad being given the chance to see it live, with the new robots an’ that, too.

I didn’t take many photos, and none of them are even any good, but I want to blog about it as I haven’t posted for a little while.


A bus picked us up in Glasgow and took us out Renfrew way, and dropped us off at some large warehouses by the Airport.

We arrived just in time, though. Not long after we sat down after collecting our wristbands, people were getting turned away due to it reaching capacity. The look of disappointment from people who were being told they would be put on a waiting list went from funny to awkwardly-funny when we heard people had flown into the country to see it. Nuts.


I think ‘behind the scenes’ stuff would have been much more interesting from a crew perspective, because as an audience member I was utterly bored.

The production was running 90 minutes late, and when we got in, waiting what felt like an hour before seeing a robot, then a further 30 minutes before anything actually happened didn’t help things along.


I think we actually watched two fights before giving up. We ditched the seats and from the looks of other empty seats, others had similar ideas too, opting to walk over 2 miles to the nearest station to get us out of there in the rain and wind.

As a kid, I used to watch these shows and imagine how cool it must be to see it live, and be in amongst it all. Thinking about it now, I don’t know how I’d have gotten through it.

It was all just a bit naff, really.


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