Living in Glasgow: Week 1 round-up.

I figured I’d best dump a bunch of photos here along with a few words since I have now been living in Glasgow for a week.

At the moment, I’m crashing with my pal A.K who I met when I was living in Prague.


Tuesday to Thursday I mainly roamed about a bit of the city.

Photographing walls and the fronts of buildings is something I really enjoy, especially when I’m somewhere new and everywhere I turn here there’s something that captures my attention…


I can’t imagine getting bored of this.


I’m staying right on the edge of Kelvingrove Park. Though I am yet to wake up early enough to go and explore it as the sunrises…


On Thursday night I headed over to Edinburgh to see Lauren and that involved a trip to Portobello Beach and losing millions in the penny arcades on Friday.


Saturday night I was back in Glasgow and I shot the Cathouse. You can view all the photos here.

The Cathouse-3418The Cathouse-3303The Cathouse-3258

Sunday, I was pretty hungover…


…Though headed over to Stephens to record some music.

I assume it will end up used for some of his Unexpected Bowtie stuff, or maybe something new? No idea. Check him out, though.


3 thoughts on “Living in Glasgow: Week 1 round-up.

  1. Good work, sir.

    1. Thanks, Al!

      If the offers still there for a wander about sometime this week, I’m still game – though would have to be later in the week as I’m outta town ’til Thursday afternoon!

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