Birthday, Booze, & Bowie

Every year, Iain and myself get shitty scribbled drawings penned by each other tattooed onto us by Dan at North Sea.

This being the 4th consecutive year, on the 11th January, it’s as good as tradition.

Tattoo Day-6987Tattoo Day-6984Tattoo Day-6997
This time the celebrations ended up being over 3 days and were filled with good folk, take-away food, big breakfasts, zombie killing, and a lot of alcohol. Lunacy. I’m looking forward to recovering by the end of the week…

Iain's Birthday-6813Iain's Birthday-6814Iain's Birthday-6836Iain's Birthday-6834Tattoo Day-6928Tattoo Day-6899Iain's Birthday-6864Iain's Birthday-6829Iain's Birthday-6833Iain's Birthday-6853Tattoo Day-6879Iain's Birthday-6815Tattoo Day-6967Tattoo Day-6919Tattoo Day-6950

After drunkenly becoming humoured with a remix video on YouTube based on an alleged original ‘sighting’ of the ‘Blackburn Ghost’, we both ended up with a tattoo of the damned thing.

Tattoo Day-6980

Waking up on Iain’s birthday to the news of Bowies passing took me by surprise and I just froze and didn’t talk for a while & he ended up being everywhere we went that day, playing over the cafes radio, to people taking it in turns to have him on the jukebox in the pubs we visited. Suddenly his last album just felt even more powerful than before.

Given that I had some extra cash, it only felt natural that I got myself a Bowie tribute tattoo, too.

Tattoo Day-7014

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