New Years in Glasgow & Edinburgh

Being home for New Year has never been a big deal to me, and after spending it in Berlin for 2013 I thought it’d be cool to make sure I was somewhere new for it each year and 2014 saw me celebrating in Prague, and this year I spent it in Glasgow… So far so good!

My pals Stephen & Grace invited me up to their house party and it turned out I’d manage to get a couple hours work in the Cathouse taking photos too – which helped me justify the money spent on travel and booze…

DSC02199Photo by Stephen -

My photos from the Catty can be found here:


& Stephen posted a blog about the party here:

New Years day itself for me involved a breakfast Cider and trying to will myself to keep up with Grace’s Bloody Mary consumption when in actual fact I couldn’t manage it at all and instead drifted in and out of sleep while trying to watch Making A Murderer before heading out for a curry with everybody on the evening…

It’s the lazy days and evenings like this I really enjoy, no matter how inhuman I feel from the night before.



The day after it was on to Edinburgh to see my pal Lauren and face another house party.

2nd New Years-1268

There was a lot of alcohol up for grabs, and a mad DIY concoction by Rhys which turned me into a shambolic state of a human far too early for my liking…

Leave a small space unlocked, and drunk humans will fill it…

2nd New Years-6643

There were promises of Bloody Mary’s to aid the hangover the following day, though the place was drunk dry.

The morning/afternoon was a write off, flat bound all day. It was more than 24 hours before we headed out of the flat to see some things before my train left mid-afternoon.

After checking out the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, grabbing some food, and drinking myself sick of milkshake, we had a little walk around, and made it up to Edinburgh Castle before realising my train was due in only ten minutes…

I managed to make it just in time, though missing the train wouldn’t exactly have been a bad thing…


I know I’m 5 days late, but Happy New Year if you’re reading this blog and here’s some bins on a hill for you.


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