This is my second post about this place within the week, but I’m not here all that often and I feel like I don’t spend enough time here.

Anyway, on Friday I headed to Newcastle for the night. I like the view over the river when riding in on the train.


I made my way to the Hotel to wait for Lisa.


“This is the Hilton, and nothing works? It’s all fucked!”

Tip: The lights in your hotel room do work. It’s just that the slot next to the door isn’t a place to store the door key if you want to, but is in fact how you ‘activate’ the room… I’m an idiot.

Needless to say, I’m more used to ending up on a pals couch, or a basic hostel.


Lisa arrived, and then we went to meet Dan in the city to grab some food and chat about food…

We’ve not actively advertised it yet, but the three of us have ended up getting together to create a food blog. With a little basic detective work, you might find it.

We’re going to be gradually adding stuff, ironing out the kinks, and making it way better than it’s current basic form before doing an official push.

We’re just all busy with other things right now.


We ate Japanese food, and then headed for dessert at a place called Creme.

Here’s Dan, full attention on the smarties cookie dough.


By the time we parted, it was only 8pm.

So me and Lisa decided to grab a couple bottles of gin and headed back to the hotel, listened to gangsta rap, and had a proper good catch up.


Despite being ready for bed at 9pm…


I didn’t really get too many photos this time, and for some reason, it’s something I rarely manage when I’m in Newcastle.

I always see things I want to take photographs of, but for whatever reason, I mainly don’t.

I’m gonna get back and change this.


2 thoughts on “Newcastle

  1. Why were you in a Hilton!?

    1. Lisa got us a room for like £40 so we snapped it up.

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