This is Kitty Misfit

My friend Kitty is always fun to shoot. I think we’ve done about 4 or 5 things to date, and it’s always effortless.

And that’s what I like, just hanging out and taking photos.

Kitty Misfit-9771

The way we did stuff was, I’d shoot her and she’d use the photos on her membership site and whatever was left I’d get to post as and when on my own site. We always took so many photos that I never felt like I was left with ones that didn’t quite work, so that arrangement was never a problem.

Then one day, she just vanished. I didn’t really have any other form of contact with her, so I assumed she’d left it all behind her and I decided to not post the latest photos of her.

Anyway, she got in touch with me only the other day, and basically said it’d be a shame to waste the photographs I took and that I should post them, so here they are!

We had a couple of drinks in the city, and took some photos in the street then headed back to hers and she got naked – This post is about to get NSFW so now’s yer chance to move on if you don’t want to see this kinda stuff.

Kitty Misfit-8909Kitty Misfit-8911Kitty Misfit-8913Kitty Misfit-8916

Waiting for a clear shot under the Tyne bridge took a fucking age…

Kitty Misfit-9647

I only had like an hour before I had to get the train back, so we hurried to Kitty’s house and shot a bunch of photos in her bedroom in about 30 minutes, under the watchful eyes of her cats…

Kitty Misfit-8933Kitty Misfit-8927
Kitty Misfit-9674Kitty Misfit-9673Kitty Misfit-9710

There’s some weird angles here but the room was cramped and the lighting wasn’t ideal, but I think we managed to take a bunch of cool shots regardless.

Anyway, here’s a good 20 or so…

Kitty Misfit-9742Kitty Misfit-9730Kitty Misfit-9739Kitty Misfit-9666Kitty Misfit-9670Kitty Misfit-9665Kitty Misfit-9802Kitty Misfit-9800Kitty Misfit-9836Kitty Misfit-9843Kitty Misfit-9859Kitty Misfit-9877Kitty Misfit-9887Kitty Misfit-9893Kitty Misfit-9889Kitty Misfit-9922Kitty Misfit-9930Kitty Misfit-9969Kitty Misfit-9993Kitty Misfit-9937Kitty Misfit-9948Kitty Misfit-9974

Hopefully it won’t be long before we get around to doing some more if Kitty decides she wants to shoot again.

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