CVNTED: Update

It turns out some things that I said and some photographs that I took ended up in The Daily Mail, and The Mirror. The Mirror article isn’t as bad as The Daily Mail one, however, I found some of the original intent has been skewed somewhat, and a lot of people are pissed off.

Writings not my strongest point, and this blog mainly features the grim things, but hopefully it offers some genuine insight.

Street Nightlife-5098
After being denied entry to a bar, a man attempts to breakdance to in order to prove sobriety and be let in. It didn’t go to plan.

A writer saw my Kickstarter and tracked down my Facebook page and asked if I’d be up for answering a few questions – and seen as though I was trying to get funds for my Kickstarter project, I agreed, and this is how the article came about in the first place.

Truth be told, I didn’t expect anyone to want to pick the story up anyway – I’d already reached out to local newspapers/blogs hoping for some support as a local artist/photographer, but the language used put them off, and others just outright ignored me – So the potential of this nationwide coverage never felt like it’d amount to anything.

Blue Lounge-5405
Man being arrested after numerous attempts to start a fight with people who are just out to have a good time, after being removed from a bar.

I’ve seen some real awful shit happen on the street, and while I prefer to have a good time, I think it’s important to not shy away from documenting it.

The morning after, I think a lot of stuff is shrugged off in the blur of the night before, it was all just a ‘bit of a laugh’, getting in that fight. I’ve seen it, through a Facebook status or a Tweet, someone being told of it and the response is always “sounds about right, m8. Fucking hell, hahaha”.

These people don’t take proper responsibility, and if they can’t remember what they did to someone, then I’ll get them to fucking look at it.

This man got his head kicked in for standing next to a girl at a bar. It was his first night out in Scarborough.

What is it about the drunken night life culture that fascinated you enough to document it?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of good folk out there, but the really fascinating stuff is your average guy who has a few mouthfuls of a lager and turns into a wanna-be hulk.

Street Nightlife-2930

I’ve been in some absolute states in my time, but I’ve never had a complete personality change and gone out of my way to ‘cause aggro, start a fight, or just make someone feel rubbish about themselves in the name of ‘banter’ and having a good time. Nor have many of my friends.

These people need to take responsibility for how they act, and if seeing one of my photos help can with that, then cool.

Doorman, after being hit with a pole. As far as I’m aware, the bloke got away.

Have you got in any trouble doing it? Some of the photos show some fighting…

I regularly get insults shouted at me in the street, and the occasional threat if I’m caught shooting a situation that looks like it’s getting pretty tense, but I’ve only actually ever been attacked a few times, considering.


Even when things escalate in that way, I remain calm about it. I’ve got to be as neutral as I can if I want genuine photographs, and that’s my focus.

Street Nightlife-1825

What is your opinion of the night life in your town? Do you think your photos portray it correctly?

The nightlife in Scarborough is very hit or miss, and is dying compared to what it was like only a few years ago. The council seem pretty intent on closing down as many places as they can, and are actually making it increasingly difficult for the remaining bars. Then you have the likes of the Pub Watch scheme, who appear to be making a big deal out of very little at any opportunity they can, barring people from every bar in town for a year a time. 

A considerable amount of trouble that I’ve witnessed has come directly from these very people on Pub Watch lists, and they’re coming into town regardless and kicking off in the streets because they can’t get in places, and they’re still wasted out of their minds! What has it achieved, really, other than creating more idiots in the street getting in the faces of the people who are having a good time, or the door staff, who are just doing their job?

Street Nightlife-2924.jpg

As for how I’m portraying the town… I’ve obviously not focused on the quieter pubs, gigs, etc.. This zine isn’t about that. This is an honest look at this particular kind of nightlife, and the people who want to party, and would prefer there to be actual nightclubs open. My fascination with people who drink too much creeps in a considerable amount here, but it’s worth pointing out that for every photograph of a fight or idiot that I take, there’s about 400 other photos of people having a good time.

Street Nightlife-2957.jpg

The last thing I want to do is portray my hometown as some sort of hell hole, and I’m not going to force what I think on others. It’s just the grittier stuff stands out and appeals to peoples curiosity more. Wether that’s because they’re in as much disbelief as me about how these people behave, or they’re just wondering why I bother to take these kinds of photographs… I’m not entirely sure.

Now, that’s a lot of the grim stuff out of the way. As I’ve made clear, I see a lot of good stuff, decent people out of their minds too, literally having a great time and this will also feature in the zine I’m printing…

It’s just a shame it wasn’t portrayed as such in those articles.


I think people seem to forget or overlook that I have a website which has thousands of these photographs on. All good shit, how a night out should be.

Street Nightlife-2866
Street Nightlife-2965

My Kickstarter has now reached over 600% of the target funding… You can check it out here!

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