A walk to Wharram Percy

Earlier in the year, Ian got a book which features something like 40-odd walks in England. For some reason, it’s taken us almost the entire year to get out and do just one.

As it were only a 20 minute drive away from my house, we started with Walk 9. A 3ish mile route around Wharram Percy – a deserted Medieval Village that was abandoned in the early 16th century.

Wharram Percy-5186Wharram Percy-5187

Wharram Percy-5189Wharram Percy-5191

It was pissing it down, and even with my boots on, not even ten meters down the path, I could feel the wet on my feet…

Wharram Percy-5193Wharram Percy-5194Wharram Percy-5197Wharram Percy-5198

Other than the occasional sign post on the roads in the area, there’s no indication that this village existed as it’s tucked away in a little valley.

Wharram Percy-5200

There was an old church, without a roof…

Wharram Percy-5212Wharram Percy-5214

“Can you remember the last time you stood in an a church and actually felt like yer inside?”

Wharram Percy-5219Wharram Percy-5222Wharram Percy-5225Wharram Percy-5228Wharram Percy-5231Wharram Percy-5234

I need to do this more often. It makes a change to take photos where people aren’t smacking each other in the head.

Wharram Percy-5238Wharram Percy-5242Wharram Percy-5243Wharram Percy-5244

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