Street Nightlife

As soon as folk clock the large DSLR I lug around with me in clubs, there’s this almost instant want to have their photo taken. If it’s for the paper, club, myself, whatever… they don’t care and mostly avoid asking, often opting to grab my shoulder and demand one.

Things are a little different when I’m on the street, using my smaller mirrorless X-E2, and there’s more of a willingness to come up and ask what I’m taking photographs for.

Street Nightlife-3014

Granted, there’s a whole bunch who end up wanting their photo taking anyway… so maybe it’s not that different after all, and perhaps it’s simply just quiet enough outside to ask?

Anyway, the photographs I take in the street often feel more genuine – even when people are aware of the camera – so here’s a few that I particularly dig right now… click ahead for more.

Street Nightlife-3046
Street Nightlife-2918
Street Nightlife-3020 Street Nightlife-3050
Street Nightlife-2914Street Nightlife-3040
Street Nightlife-3064
Street Nightlife-2974 Street Nightlife-2871 Street Nightlife-2890 Street Nightlife-2952 Street Nightlife-2957 Street Nightlife-2902 Street Nightlife-2961

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