Google: How to fly a kite

Today it dawned on me that I’ve never flown a kite. Ian had one in the boot of his car – something he said was bought for the kids to play with, but they’re only interested in iPads – so off we went.

Kite Flying-2831

“Do you know how they work?”
“Err, you just run with it don’t you, and let it go?”
“Dunno… Google it.”

There was talks of having a good 60 feet of string to start with, facing certain directions, all sorts…

We just ran with it.

Kite Flying-2835 Kite Flying-2838
There was barely any wind anyway, so the whole thing was pretty much useless.

If we were kids, this’d likely have meant waiting till another day, but we just jumped into the car, and bombed down the road and tried it out the window…

Kite Flying-2842

Much to the amusement of other drivers and a local football team.

Kite Flying-2845

There were a few failed attempts, then it happened…

“Where is it?!”
“It’s, it’s there! It’s flying!”

A glorious 3 seconds of incredible, graceful flight, before drift into a hedge, snapping the string, and putting an end to the whole thing.

We’ll be back, when the winds better.

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