This is Robyn & Lisa-Marie

Robyn got in touch with me a few days ago, and we arranged to go and take some photos. I don’t get much enjoyment out of planning these things, so we opted to just grab some sarnies and see where we ended up.


We took a drive outta town and towards some woodland on the Cloughton to Whitby road as there’s this weird place that I’ve shot before and figured it’d be a good spot to revisit.


I’ve shot a few photos here in the past, you might recognise it from when I shot Kitty a couple months back.

Here’s a few that I particularly dig with Robyn. There was a man hidden away measuring the trees, so we took these pretty quickly and moved on.



It was midday and the sun was really high, and it sorta made shooting the way I wanted to a bit difficult due to the harsh light. That’s something that coulda been prevented with planning, though…


Robyn’s pal Lisa-Marie arrived in town the day after and wanted to get involved, so they picked me up after I’d spent the afternoon drinking and we headed to a little village and went and climbed some trees, and paddled about in the river, trying us best to look out for potential dog walkers.

Lisa-Marie and Robyn-1114

Taking photos while full of wine and balancing on wet rocks in the middle of a stream was a struggle.

Lisa-Marie and Robyn-1134Lisa-Marie and Robyn-1151

3 thoughts on “This is Robyn & Lisa-Marie

  1. The one in the tree is great.

    1. Thanks! When I shot it I wasn’t convinced, but when it came to the processing it won me over.

      1. allanmcleodroney October 2, 2015 — 10:47 pm

        Surprised it didn’t get u earlier – it’s a superlative image.

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