This is Robyn

Me and Robyn went for a drive today and she let me take a bunch of photos.

I’ve been wanting to buy a more serious ‘portrait’ lens for a while, and have been considering an 80mm prime. Truth be told, 24mm is pretty much my ‘go to’ for almost everything, and shooting more than that starts to make me feel uneasy.

Anyway, before I financially cripple myself, I figured I’d dig out an old manual Pentax lens and try it on my X-E2 to see if it’s something I could see myself appreciating. The only problem was I had the wrong kind of lens adaptor, so opted instead to use electrical tape to hold this weighty 50mm 1.4 Pentax in place…


All things considered, I don’t think it came out too badly at all. I should get outta my comfort zone more often.

2 thoughts on “This is Robyn

  1. This is great. Those old Pentax lenses are meant to be pretty great too. Get an adaptor and use this!

  2. Word. This discovery has saved me quite a large sum of money.

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