A Food and Beer Festival in Prague

Des – our life source/ring leader – has left Prague for a little bit and so I guess basically the way me and Amber are dealing with this is by drinking alcohol and eating cheese.


So anyway, today we went to a food and beer festival. That’s both boxes ticked; we’re pretty efficient when needed.

I’d like to say this post consists mostly of a bunch of photos from the Food and Beer Festival but it doesn’t because I got no photos of the damn thing as I’m rubbish at this blogging stuff and ain’t very content aware. I’ll try and reference food as and when I can, though.


If you look closely, Amber’s drinking a coffee/chocolate (I think?) milk drink – I should remember, because I had one too, I guess this is the problem with drinking things too fast; I don’t remember the details – This was consumed before the Food and Beer Festival, by the way.


Who needs focusing anyway? Amber’s punk as fuck.

DSCF0190 DSCF0191

Here’s a photo of a drink that was consumed after the Food and Beer Festival, but I just wanna give it a shout out as it was hands down the worst cider I’ve ever tasted. Even the wasps that went in for a sample gave not a toss about it and immediately flew off.


This is a view from a place we got some Food and Beer from that wasn’t from the Food and Beer Festival either, bet you didn’t see that coming.


We did actually get Food and Beer at the Festival though, but as I said. No photos. You’ll just have to deal with it.


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