High Force Waterfall

Dad had a few days off work, so we drove out to Forest-in-Teesdale to head to High Force Waterfall and take some photos. It was nice break, I feel like I’ve only been focusing heavily on my night life lately.

High Force Waterfall High Force Waterfall

It’s only a short walk down a path and through some woodland, yet you somehow manage to get charged £1.50 to do so. I suspect the money goes to maintaining the path and keeping the toilets clean or something; I dunno…

High Force Waterfall

When you get to the bottom of the path, there’s a bunch of large boulders and other rocks to sit on and take it all in…

Water was coming over pretty fast, and I wondered how many baths it could fill in ten seconds.

High Force Waterfall

There were some steps leading around and up to the top, but access to the side of the waterfall had been fenced off and sign posted with what most people would consider obvious warnings. There wasn’t any of these signs years ago, though it seems people don’t pay too much attention either way.

High Force Waterfall High Force Waterfall

Unsurprisingly, climbing over the safety fencing felt more dangerous than actually walking on the top of the waterfall… As long as you’re not a dickhead and know your limits, things like this really aren’t that risky at all.

There was a man over the other side, taking photographs of my Dad as he sat on the edge.

High Force WaterfallHigh Force Waterfall

We finished up the day with a drive through Reeth, listening to Dr. Dre, dodging sheep that were sleeping on the roads, and stopping for an occasional look around.


Before grabbing an ice cream at Brymor.

Brymor Ice Cream

As we were leaving, a coach dropped off 50 people who were queuing out the door for ice cream. So I guess we got there just in time…


2 thoughts on “High Force Waterfall

  1. love all these photos, so calming! ps dont you just love it when things like getting an ice cream before 50 people turn up to queue, it feels like a blessing

    1. Admittedly, a wave of smugness immediately washed over me. Such a hot day, too; So it felt especially great. Hah!

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