Rockpoolin’ & Marvels, Scarborough.

I’ve think I’ve only really met Robyn once before now, and seen her a few times in passing since.

It’s real easy to feel like you know someone through Facebook, but it’s weird when you actually meet up and realise that almost all of your interactions to that point have happened via an occasional comment or a simple ‘like’ now and then of the occasional photograph.

I use weird lightly in this case. If knowing more people online means I can have days out with folks I maybe wouldn’t have had chance to before, I’m all for it!

We started off walking around Marine Drive, that’s something I pretty much take for granted until I’m actually walking round it…

We ended up rockpooling and all I got my hands on was a dead fish. All I got my hands on last time was a dead jellyfish, I am clearly destined to only find death.

The tide was right out, so we headed to some large rocks and had a look about there. Robyn opted to leave her trainers on a smaller rock to colect on the way back, and I just carried on as is.

It didn’t feel like we were there too long, and I heard a faint “wait, where’s my trainers?”, and with that came the realisation that the tide snook in pretty damn quick and Robyn’s trainers were floating away in the distance.

Don’t be fooled, it got deep.

And for reasons I can’t make sense of, I kept my trainers on. Bad move, given that I was starting work in 4 hours so was guaranteed to be uncomfortable for the rest of the night.

We got our fill of shit food and headed up to drier land and had a look around what used to be Marvels. So much dead space. It looks like wasteland you’d expect to find in Fallout, but this place is worth it’s own blog so I’m gonna have to return and take some more photos before the summers out…

All that was left to do was get drunk for work and looking through photos the following morning, it’s clear that I succeeded. I don’t remember most of it…


At least my soaked trainers and jeans didn’t bother me at all. Victory.

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