A year with VSCOcam

I tried to drop my reliance on smartphones and managed a brief stint of having a phone being just a phone at the back end of 2013, but around April 2014, I missed that ability to connect and share instantly, and I caved and bagged myself an iPhone 5C.

I’d seen a few VSCOcam hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and after a strong recommendation, checked it out. It was free, and good. Very good. Having the option to dig deep into the already excellent presets, or pay a little for a bunch of extras if you wanted them, to give photos a proper good tweak – something which always felt much more basic and clunky on other apps – has always left me satisfied. I fell in love with the app pretty quickly.

This past week I ditched my 5C as I’ll soon be away backpacking around Europe. I’d bagged myself a new camera which allows me to wirelessly transfer photographs to my iPad mini 2, meaning I can process my more considered photographs on the road with VSCO without the bulk of a laptop getting in the way. Perfect.

Whether you’re a professional ‘tog, or just find yourself taking an interest in photography and are looking for an app to start your adventure with, VSCOcam is the way to go. Hands down.

I’ve taken hundreds, if not thousands of photos, with my iPhone and I’ve bashed together a gallery of some of my favourite snapshots of the past 12 months… feel free to take a look!

2 thoughts on “A year with VSCOcam

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    Some great pictures by my pal Lee here.

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