Cheap, nasty wine. I don’t think I should drink wine.

At some point it was agreed that if I were to lose at bowling I’d have to cook Amber a meal, and if she lost, she’d have to sit through Die Hard 1-3. I’m not one to compete, but for the chance to watch Die Hard, it was a no brainer.


Such grace.


This is Louise. I’m unsure if she’s made it on to my blog yet? I don’t get to see her too often, despite only living up the road from her. Then again, she’s full time employed and I’m full time unemployed…

I manage to head over to hers once a week or so, it’s a good place to drink tea in peace and hang with her and Kharl when I need to remove myself from everything.


Look at those ridiculous fucking shoes. I kind of want a pair.


Coming in 2nd place, I did better than expected and I probably owe that to the wine and beer. Amber smashed it though, and took 1st place.

Seemingly, we were all surprised.


I didn’t even drink that much, yet I’m still trying to piece shit together that happened afterwards. I think I’ll just leave it here, besides, I have no photos to aid my memory. Either way, it’s been a while since I’ve unwound proper and on the whole it was a rad night.

Anyway, I may have lost the bet, but I do also have this photo so I’ll just leave it right here…


3 thoughts on “Bowling.

  1. Nice carpet. What lens you shooting with nowsadays?

    1. This is the 24-85 that came with my D610. It’s quite a hindrance for this kinda stuff, ’cause it’s so chunky and makes taking sneaky photos almost impossible. I hate that my Lumix is temporarily out of action. Gonna try and bag a cheap lens for it again asap.

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